definitely wired wrong somewhere

am i lactose intolerant or is my tummy too sensitive to certain types of food? been getting food poisoning more often than before and it's killing me. if i don't eat my tummy hurts, if i eat i'll end up in the toilet. oih, not funny okay.
it's cold. it's sunny but it's cold. i don't like this.

it's not cold, the weather's fine.

maybe it's just me. i've got weather issues i think.

you're cold blooded.

huh? wth.. ..

where did all the love go?

when you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth - mitch albom

free hug

i need one big fat comfy hug right now. it's been a while since i got one.

excuse me, pardon me

never thought i'd do it in a million years, but i thought it was fun.

i wanna do it again! !

of mmms and hmmss

i never quite agreed on men wearing pink clothes but he managed to pull it off with the shorts and why oh why is he so adorable? could it be the voice, the wardrobe or the looks? hmmm.. .. ei ei ei ei!

hot damn ah. i want this body please. i want to be skinny... not skinny scary till you can see my bones and veins. eedoubleyou.. skinny cheryl.. yes yes, i want to be skinny cheryl or like skinny fit.. like them jeans, heh. .. skinny fit cheryl?

we had a guitar hero concert for the first time ever. 24 songs man, what the hell were we thinking? no quitting halfway, no changing difficulties and no pausing in the middle of a song/playlist but it was all good, we had fun. we were on fireee baby! woot woot!!

but i still suck at it. big time.